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Intel’s Internal Blog…

Dean at the Merc snags a copy of Otellini’s internal blog and the Web is abuzz… From this morning’s Good Morning Silicon Valley – the eZine I look forward to most (other than Flavorpill

…Otellini reveals a new side in “AMD suXorS” blog post: So now that we’ve reached this postmodern understanding that all official corporate communication is, if not a charade, part of a ritualized dance where meaning must be divined between the lines, where do you turn to hear an executive talk straight? Why, to his or her blog, of course, because blogs are required by longstanding Unwritten Net Law to be BS-free…

“Hollywood has always had a love affair with Apple Computers. In movies ranging from ‘Mission Impossible’ to ‘Shallow Hal,’ Apple products are positioned to in ways that say you are ‘Cool’ if you have an Apple Computer or IPOD. My kids will settle for Intel Inside PC or Laptop but they want an Apple computer. Beyond paying for product placements in movies, developing a better relationship between Intel and Hollywood is great way to make Intel the “Cool” computer company of the future

I’ve long maintained that the internal blog is where the action is. Now if we could just read more of them. For therein lies the paradox of blogging. You want conversations to be as personal and private as possible – you don’t want to use the same tone internally as you might have to externally – but anything posted digitally to more than one other person is likely to end-up public so why not just tear-down those walls – the transparency is likely to be positive in the extreme…

“Paul wanted another way to communicate with employees,” said Intel spokesman Tom Beerman. “It is meant for employees only, and that explains the tone and nature of the subject matter”

And hey Dean, don’t be a meanie, post everything you’ve got.. don’t serialize the data, be transparent…

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