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  • It’s funny how governments champion a surplus vs breakeven. How much does society miss out on as a result of a surp… ,
  • The roll-up continues, convienently slapping the CX label on it... Accenture Interactive buys Droga5, consultancy c… ,
  • Everything that is wrong with Apple exemplified in one move... total disregard for other users, ecosystems, our lib… ,
  • Loving Rich’s interview with Jack Dorsey. So many ideas and lessons in here. Worth a listen. Thanks ⁦@richroll⁩ ,
  • Am just amazed how bad receipt capture and processing apps are for SMBs. So primitive with poor functions and featu… ,
  • Trying to setup any product is enough to send anyone into the depths of despair. So bad. Why can’t everyone just use @google,
  • Hey, anyone got line of sight to a great contract or semi perm proposal writer in the US?,
  • Huge congrats to the Four Pillars gang. Amazing brand building and products are brilliant. Way to go. Beer giant Li… ,
  • And it so so hard for so many small businesses - tax policies and particular are just crazy ,
  • Whoever voted for this guy, please don’t do it again. Clearly has neither the intellect or sensitivity to lead. Ra… ,


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