Andy on Twitter

  • The great thing about Twitter is being a able to have chats with my President. All one way but chats just the same. He's in Sicily!,
  • Peter Farrell is so impressive. Such an amazing Aussie brand and product. Solving real issues. Sleep disorders are a disease.,
  • As much as I complain about airlines huge thanks to for great service on my epic SYD-LAX-AUS-SFO-SJC-LAX-SYD-ADL trip,
  • So proud of the RL team. Amazing achievement. ,
  • Just finishing preso on Mobile experience has by far the worst airline mobile app I've ever reviewed. Shocking. @epicfail,
  • Ultimate in bank branding. Mega Bank. All they need to do is add evil. ,
  • What I Learned From Increasing My Prices - ExtendsLogic ,
  • On marketing workflows... ,
  • So love the story of Ted Kooser... ,
  • ,
  • So much . Going to miss you bro'. ,
  • The ageist conceit that younger workers have more energy | ,
  • Apple Pay is useless. Works less than 50% of time in taxis. Google Pay is 100% great. No bank should be supporting AP. ,
  • Super proud of presenting at YouTube brand camp. So good.,


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