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  • Really, directly in the middle of the biggest city in Australia and two bars from and NBN that is gl… ,
  • Great piece of writing ... The Forgotten Legend of Silicon Valley’s Flying Saucer Man ,
  • Cardinal Pell, top advisor to Pope Francis, found guilty of ‘historical sexual offenses’ | America Magazine ,
  • Never buy a Miele appliance. Service levels are appalling. @MieleAustralia,
  • A Primer on Digital Humans by @soulmachines,
  • OK ... that's a quote to ponder: "In today's economy, innovation means elegant theft: robbery of your data, privacy… ,
  • Great read for all of you suffering from . ,
  • The wall of advertising on Facebook is getting ridiculous. On mobile every third thumb stroke yields another nearl… ,
  • If never ceases to amaze me the inane crap people will suggest marketing is about. What BS. Seth is better than th… ,
  • That could be it. Yikes. ,
  • Sad to see Rapha close in Sydney. They’ll loose the community and fans. And all that ransom shopping. That’s the i… ,
  • For all those upset that RL positions itself as a US company with NZ roots, this is why. Access to massive amounts… ,
  • Getting served ads -like that promoting the Apple App Store - and reconciling that with digital marketing’s claims… ,
  • When Mark says this I don’t think he is blaming anyone, just speaking the truth. “The biggest lesson from this year… ,
  • Another year. Another brilliant Ad. They've got some magic going here... ,


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